Scanner Laser and MMS

VLX NAVVIS: mobile 3D scanner for mapping

The NavVis VLX is a mobile 3D scanner for mapping produced by NavVis (Germany). The VLX was launched in 2020.
This mobile mapping system is suitable for capturing construction sites, stairs, technical rooms, and other use cases related to architecture, engineering and construction. It can be used in particular for scan-to-BIM, the production of CAD floor plans, or to produce digital twins.
VLX : Main Features

  • Two LiDAR sensors with SLAM software
  • 360° capture with four high-resolution cameras
  • Écran tactile intégrée avec prévisualisation en direct
  • Compact and foldable


Lasergrammetry is a technology that uses the properties of laser light sent back to its emitter. Laser surveying is also known as “lidar”, which is the acronym for “Light Detection and Ranging”.

Laser surveys give a real-time 3D point cloud of the measured object. Each scanned point is immediately known in relative coordinates.

This technique is a change of philosophy compared to the classical topography because we no longer record the characteristic points of the object but we measure the object as a whole.

3D laser-scanner system

A 3D laser-scanner system is an instrument that measures 3D points (X, Y, Z) on an area of an object:

  • in an automatic and systematic way
  • at a high survey rate
  • which allows to obtain 3D coordinates in real time

A scanner can possibly give in addition and for each point :

  • a value according to the reflectivity of the object,
  • RGB values obtained from a digital camera.

Deliverables :

  • Intensity point clouds in *.Las format.
  • Textured point clouds.
  • CAD or GIS oriented as-built glue-down plans.
  • 3D models
  • Deformation analysis reports
  • Orthos-Photos
  • 360° panoramic photos