Structures Inspection


  • The inspection of structures and their auscultation-monitoring in 4D (mapping of deviations in time) consists in carrying out a functional characterization and in detecting damage over time in order to provide reliable information concerning the integrity and the utility of the structure.
  • The majority of civil engineering works and operating facilities constructed are increasingly aging. Faced with the challenges of safety and sustainability, risk analysis has become a priority. Inspection and auscultation-monitoring make it possible to arbitrate the various operations to be carried out on a structure.

To this end, ETAFAT deploys the following technologies:

  • Automatic topographic auscultation which consists of setting up a robotic total station capable of measuring in 3D (x, y, z) and continuously millimeter movements on any structure or building, by sightings with or without prisms.
  • Lasergrammetry: technology that allows the acquisition of a very dense point cloud, the entire structure, 360 ° panoramic photos and ortho-photos
  • The drone (rotary wing): very close acquisition technology intended for inaccessible areas which allows the acquisition of a very dense point cloud and ortho-photo

Detection of buried networks

Network detection allows the location, georeferencing of all existing buried networks. Thanks to its non-destructive aspect; the detection and tracing of the different buried networks is done without disturbing or damaging the existing infrastructures.
We offer you a wide range of services in this field:

  • detection and prevention of network damage and construction site incidents
  • detection and geo-referencing of existing networks

  • Establishment of plans for the re-connection of existing networks
  • Assistance for works near existing networks

  • Training in the detection of buried networks

We put our teams at your disposal to accompany you in the realization of your projects in the best conditions of safety of goods and lives. We assist you and offer you the appropriate solutions for all your operations during the project phases. In the “Studies” phase, detection allows us to establish coherent projects taking into account existing underground networks, whether known or not. In the “Works” phase, detection allows you to control risks related to the safety of personnel and assets, and also to respect the budgets allocated to the projects.
Our network detection solutions have the advantage of being non-destructive, fast and reliable. And guarantee you a time and financial saving on your budgets by a considerable reduction of the unforeseen on the building sites.