Data engineering


ETAFAT provides its customers with cartographic solutions that provide essential information for the realization as well as the supply of relevant communication supports for their large-scale projects.

ETAFAT ensures an exhaustive, precise and fast data acquisition by various processes, namely :

  • Conventional topography and satellite positioning (GPS)
  • Aerial photography and Lidar
  • Drone photography
  • Thermal image acquisition by UAV
  • Static Lasergrammetry and Mobile Mapping System (MMS)
  • Single and multibeam bathymetry
  • Detection by Georadar
  • Electromagnetic detection
  • Inventories and surveys

Data processing

Data processing and integration involves the processes of combining, filtering according to business rules, and presenting data in a unified form.

It also includes controlling data quality in terms of completeness and accuracy.

Data processing and integration also covers various areas of big data management, such as data migration, application integration, and core data management.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the great measurement revolution of the last decade.

ETAFAT actively participates in it through its human and material investment.

We model any environment from 3D measurements and we reproduce in 3D model any element independently on its size.