Engineering Consulting

Infrastructure engineering

As prime contractor for public or private projects, ETAFAT Ing ensures all the missions of technical design, planning, organization and direction of execution of a building or infrastructure project, up to its delivery. Finally, ETAFAT Ing offers assistance services for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of works.

Our fields of activity include :

  • General earthworks
  • Roads, passages, crossroads, gyratory .
  • Sanitation networks, (rainwater, waste water) .
  • Drinking water supply networks .
  • Various networks: medium and low voltage, telecommunications, public lighting and ambient lighting.
  • Landscape and green spaces design
  • Street furniture
  • Moving networks

Monitoring of work and OPC

Within the area of its intervention in the field of project management, ETAFAT Ing systematically integrates the quality, safety and environmental aspects, and ensures that the work is carried out correctly by providing :

  • The execution of the works according to the rules in accordance with the authorized plans
  • A good coordination between the various participants .
  • The respect of the objectives of the project owner .
  • The establishment of the measurements, attachments and accounts of the work carried out by the companies.
  • The assistance of the project owner to the concerned services for obtaining authorizations and approvals.
  • Compliance to the work monitoring process set up as part of our quality approach.
  • Scheduling, steering and coordination of the work.


ETAFAT deploys its extended competences in the following fields :

  • Study and monitoring of the work of : Treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, pumping station .
  • Study and monitoring of drinking water reservoir works
  • Study and monitoring of the works of the rainwater storage basins .
  • Elaboration of sector studies and master plans, drinking water and sanitation.

(Français) Aménagement urbain & Paysager

(Français) ETFAT intervient dans le cadre de missions complètes relatives à l’aménagement d’un territoire urbain, depuis la phase étude de faisabilité jusqu’à la réception des travaux. Nos domaines d’action portent sur :

  • Les terrassements généraux .
  • La voirie, passages, carrefours, giratoires .
  • Les réseaux d’assainissement, (eaux pluviales, eaux usées) .
  • Les réseaux d’adduction d’eau potable .
  • Les réseaux divers : moyenne et basse tension, télécommunications.
  • Eclairage public et éclairage d’ambiance
  • L’aménagement paysager et espaces verts
  • Le mobilier urbain
  • Déplacement des réseaux