Transportation Infrastructure

The group provides you with all the skills on all the themes related to transport infrastructures from the study phase to the handover of the works.

  • We elaborate your definition, preliminary design and execution studies for several road, highway and railway projects.
  • We elaborate your mobility studies.
  • We accompany you and provide you with assistance and technical expertise in your projects.
  • We accompany you in the control of execution and follow-up of the building site of your projects.
  • We provide on-site inspection of materials and structures, instrumentation and monitoring/auscultation.
  • We accompany you in your approach to modeling your infrastructure.


ETAFAT brings an integrated and durable solution to your requirements for global missions to carry out your projects of design and realization of engineering structures and is committed to accompany you in the response to the stakes of their management:

  • We map the structures to assist you in the inventory of your patrimony.
  • We inspect the structures, we auscultate and examine the state of the materials.
  • We help you to optimize your maintenance by supporting you in the construction of your strategy and by defining the work programs.
  • We provide you with a platform for centralizing data.
  • We transform your data into information, visualization, analysis and comparison of results.
  • We ensure all simulation, modeling and design of structures (especially hydraulic structures) and we ensure their reinforcement.


In order to optimize their investments, optimize maintenance, and control their risks, Etafat offers airport players and airport managers proven expertise :

  • We elaborate your aeronautical charts specifically designed to meet the needs of air navigation
  • We provide project management services, project management assistance, delegated project management and consulting.
  • We support you in the control and management of your real estate assets.
  • We carry out topographical studies, measurements, layouts and control surveys.
  • We model your aeronautical infrastructures
  • We ensure the acquisition of ETOD/AMDB data.