land use planning

Urban and landscaping

Etafat intervenes in the framework of complete missions relating to the development of an urban territory, from the study phase to the handover of works.

  • We map all of your territories
  • We highlight your historical and cultural patrimony
  • We will enhance your public or private environments (gardens, nature and leisure areas…).
  • We assure you any programming, technical project management and operational development related to VRD:
    • Road and traffic studies
    • Wastewater and rainwater treatment studies,
    • Electrification studies
    • Drinking water supply studies,
    • Design of VRD networks,
    • Special works (pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and storm water basins…)


Enhancement and preservation of cultural heritage through digital technology

Our cultural and architectural patrimony exists more and more in digital forms. The technologies used to create and enjoy the patrimony in digital format have many advantages, hence their extremely rapid adoption in many parts of the world.

  • We support you in the control and management of your patrimony.
  • We provide you with the tools to help you make decisions on patrimonial management issues and particularly the risk management of buildings at risk of ruin.

  • We help you in your projects of renovation and maintenance of your patrimony.
  • We model your heritage in 3D.

Housing and urban planning

Etafat is committed to supporting developers, promoters, real estate agencies, local authorities and private owners in carrying out their projects.

  • We provide feasibility studies and analysis of urban planning documents.
  • We will carry out the necessary topographical services as well as the regulation files.
  • We provide you with our combined expertise in construction, infrastructure and digital in :

    • Providing you with an inventory of the structures, buildings and targeted infrastructures.
    • Providing you with a digital tool (GIS) for site monitoring allowing you to centralize all the information and share it with all the actors.

Land and real estate

Etafat works alongside private individuals, public bodies and real estate professionals on land engineering assignments relating to construction projects or to specific regulation issues or issues concerning the valuation of land or building rights:

  • We carry out all land procedures (updating, parcelling, fragmentation-merger, co-ownership, subdivision) related to land.
  • We ensure the registration boundary marking, the regrouping and the registration of the whole property.
  • We carry out all land studies related to Melkisation, agricultural survey, and administrative delimitations.

ETAFAT also intervenes in the field of land expertise:

  • We evaluate the market value of real estate properties.
  • We estimate the potential of sites valorization.
  • We carry out all valuation and disposal scenarios.